I am listing below a few of the online places that I have found to get specialty foods items. They all have a slightly different niche market, so please make sure that you check them out to find what you are looking for.

Delicious without Gluten is a company based in Montreal, Quebec. They are a dedicated peanut/nut free, dairy-free and gluten-free factory and also carry a kosher certification. They sell in stores in Montreal and the surrounding areas, Ottawa, and Toronto.

iHerb is a US based company that has a website selling to both the USA (.com) & to Canada (.ca). They offer products that are often difficult to find in Canadian stores. What is really nice about this online company is that if you are shipping into Canada, they have an option for Shipping that includes the duties & taxes. Everything is charged in Canadian $ and there are no surprises when it clears Canada Customs and delivers to your home. Some of the brands that I really like from iHerb are: NuNaturals, Frontier Herbs, Xylo Sweet (xylitol) You can check out their products through my affiliate link at:

Low Carb Canada is a Canadian based online store where you can find a wide variety of gluten free products as well as products that are free of refined sugar. They carry “Stevita – Drink Mix – Chocolate Delight” which is a sugar-free hot cocoa and is quite wonderful. They also carry Lily’s chocolate – including dairy-free, sugar-free dark chocolate chips.

Low Carb Grocery is a Canadian based company with a store in British Columbia and 2 stores in the Toronto area. They have a variety of very unique products and their website includes a Low Carb Lifestyle Blog. Definitely worth checking out their site.

My Matcha Life is a company based in British Columbia. “My Matcha Life is your go-to source to buy high quality matcha green tea online.” Because you are part of my community, My Matcha Life is offering you a 15% discount when you order online using the code Hub15.

Natura Market in an online Canadian company that carries a number of products that meet the requirements for people following restricted diets.

Upaya Naturals is an Ontario based company that is a “raw vegan source”. They have 2 physical locations in the Toronto area but you can order online with them in both Canada and the USA. Some of the food items that you can buy with this company are: cacao/chocolate, carob, nuts, seeds, grains, flours, nut & seed butters, sweeteners (refined sugar substitutes), etc.

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